What we do

MB HR Support is an independent human resources specialist providing HR legal advice and guidance to small and medium-sized companies in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties.

Our aim is to work alongside our clients to provide a flexible, straightforward and practical HR service that is right for them. We work with companies that need help with the day to day HR basics, such as dealing with absence, performance management and, crucially, keeping up to date with employment law.

As we work together, you’ll find that our service provision matches the ethos of your business, whilst keeping it legally compliant at all times.

We may discover that you need a regular on-going service, or that a more ad-hoc arrangement would be more appropriate for your business. Acting as your own personal HR Manager if wanted, or as an independent specialist.

Why MB HR Support?

Case Study

When I joined the Picker Institute, I discovered that considerable work was required to update HR policies, plan a better, more sustainable workforce, and change culture. These issues have all been addressed to a significant extent through using MB HR Support at the level of one day a week or a little more for a year.

We have made major steps forward, including the creation of a new staff handbook, which is pretty comprehensive, development of a new pay scheme, recruitment to key posts, restructuring to make a growing business sustainable, and putting in place a programme of cultural change that has already improved staff/management relationships.

In addition, MB HR Support has resolved a number of individual HR issues related to sickness and poor performance such that we now have as close to a fully functional workforce as anyone could expect.

The Result

The result is a transformation of our HR function, the creation of a higher quality workforce, the reduction of risk, the resolution of several historic issues, and a more effective organisation. This is acknowledged to be the case by the Board. We are now able to transition to an in-house HR function on a more routine care and maintenance basis, and MB HR Support have also supported this.

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About the founder - Mandy

Mandy Brearley MB HR Support Oxfordshire

MB HR Support was created by me, Mandy Brearley, to address a real need. I wanted to provide quality, reliable, intelligent human resources support and guidance to smaller and medium-sized companies that don't have the luxury of full-time, in-house resources. Chartered MCIPD qualified, my extensive background includes working in large blue chip organisations and SMEs for over 25 years.

Working closely with you, I will help you to see where your company is heading and what talent needs to be sourced, trained or enhanced to help the growth and success of your business. Covering what the short-term and long-term priorities are with you, I will then provide information to help you make the right decisions on how to move the business forward, ensuring that you are fully HR compliant at all times.

I keep my employment law knowledge current with up to date legislation changes. Frequently attending employment law updates with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), I also regularly carry out legally accredited training courses, and keep in close contact with employment lawyers.

Member of HR Inner Circle
Mandy Brearley MB HR Support Oxfordshire

Our Clients

  • Didac
  • North Mill Stoves
  • Dayta
  • Enercon
  • Herbert and Webster
  • Greenunit
  • Picker
  • The Resources Group

Supportive, Practical Advice

Mandy's approach and support has been invaluable in helping me ensure I do the best for my employees and my business. I cannot recommend her highly enough for HR advice, support, policy and contract work. Mandy's prompt response times and clear, professional knowledge enabled me to address staff issues correctly and with confidence.

North Mill Stoves Limited