How to make your business HR compliant!

Is your small to medium size company or start up one of the many businesses where the HR function is practically non-existent and if it is in place, it doesn’t add any value to your business?

So what should you put in place to become compliant? And why does this happen so often in SME’s? How can you rectify the situation and make the HR function work for you, without spending too much time and effort getting it right?

The HR function in so many SME’s is generally overlooked and regarded as unimportant. It’s one of those functions that you know you should attend to, and get things in place. Your business can operate well without you having to spend valuable time attending to those contracts, processes and policies until you have an employee problem.

And then you take action only to be told that what you did was against the law! Suddenly you realise that some of the things you’ve been doing or that you’ve got in place are completely non-compliant with UK employment law.

We check over our clients HR documentation, policies and procedures, as well as any HR systems that they might have in place. We advise them where they are not compliant and what needs to be done to become compliant. We also focus on advising them on the HR processes and procedures they should implement to ensure that they get the best out of their employees and that staff problems are handled fairly, in accordance with UK employment law.

This approach is not unique…but it’s thorough and it’s simple.

If you find that your business is in a similar situation, we encourage you to contact us to receive your free HR health check.

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