Successfully grow your business by focussing on Human Resources

As your business evolves, don’t just concentrate on IT, sales and marketing.

A solid HR strategy can support the growth of your business, too.

Do your teams have the right capabilities to grow your business?

Consider what critical skills you need within your teams to outperform the competition, and to deliver on customer and company expectations.  Companies who hire top talent are more likely to grow faster with better skills at their disposal.

Spend time planning before recruiting or restructuring your team. Hiring good people has become more difficult, so make the most of your advertising efforts and think about the future as well as the present. When selecting candidates, retain the details of skilled applicants who may be of interest at a later date, building an on-going ‘talent pool’ for your business.

Do you provide career development and training?

Often neglected, or handled as a bureaucratic exercise, training and development is important. How can your business grow if your employees aren’t able to develop their skills at the same time? Identify where the support is needed the most to help your staff deliver quality products or services; this, in turn, maintains excellent customer satisfaction and relationships.

An emphasis on career development and training means that employees will have the opportunity to increase their skills and experience, preparing them to take on more responsibilities and to support your business during its growth.

Essential for increasing productivity and morale, training also proves that you care about your employees, demonstrating that you are willing to invest in them, which also leads to good people retention.

Do you strive to create a culture of productivity?

A great company culture helps your business to grow in so many ways. Companies with a healthy culture often have an office filled with happy, productive employees with positive attitudes. Great company culture also helps attract other skilled people to your business, as happy employees are good ambassadors. Plus, if the company culture is strong and doesn’t diminish as the business grows, it can potentially decrease employee turnover and mitigate unnecessary labour costs.

Do you have the basic HR knowledge and documentation in place?

It’s essential that all companies who hire employees have sound employment contracts, policies and procedures in place. Contrary to popular belief, that even includes micro companies. Doing this ensures that:

  • Employees know you are a professional company
  • It brings clarity to managers and employees
  • Everyone is treated fairly and consistently
  • You save time later in any fire fighting
  • You comply with employment legislation
  • You avoid costly claims at a later date, which can cause reputational damage

Providing your managers with the relevant basic HR training gives them the skills and confidence to get the best out of your employees and achieve that growth.

Identify where you can reduce costs

To achieve the best possible results, ensure that these areas are addressed by using the correct guidance and support:

  • Manage staff annual leave to balance the needs of the business
  • Manage, review and reduce your staff sickness levels to ensure a minimal effect on productivity
  • Don’t ignore disruptive or underperforming employees who will damage business performance, staff morale, and the manager’s reputation

With many things to consider when growing your business, these key elements are essential to get the best from new and existing employees, providing the right talent to drive the company forward, and helping your company to maximise its chances of success.

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